Forest Fires 2021

In July and August 2021 a disastrous forest fire swept across from Içmeler to Turunç, continuing across and down the Bozburun peninsula.

Although Turunç itself was largely unharmed (thanks to the amazing efforts of the local families and firefighters) the fires came very close and caused considerable damage to the surrounding forests.

In addition to the direct fire damage, fire fighters had to cut fire breaks, and temporary access roads. Some of these cut across our routes and make them difficult to follow and potentially dangerous in places.

Fortunately, most of the logging work is now complete, and the routes are opening up again, but the construction of three, large, flood prevention dams and new housing around the village mean some routes will have to be updated. This is in progress and the first of these, the completely rewritten Waterfall Canyon walk, has now be published.

We advise extreme caution if you intend to follow any of our routes through the forests and recommend using our GPX downloads or the maps in our iPhone app (Twalks) or Android app (Twalks), as we know some way markers have been destroyed and obstacles created.

Some of our routes do not involve the forest and these are still perfectly safe: Amos by Road, Loryma Mountain Track, and Village Amble.

Some way markers are now being re-painted, and obstacles removed, so hopefully all routes will be back to normal in the not too distant future. For now, please stay safe and do NOT take any risks.

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