About Turunç Walks

Turunç is a superb place to walk but visitors face two problems - lack of good quality, detailed maps and lack of documented walks. This site aims to address both of these problem.

We use OpenStreetMap as a source of high quality detailed maps. OpenStreeMap is a bit like Wikipedia for maps - it relies on individuals around the world providing input and updates to the base maps. Unfortunately, even this source of maps lacked detail for the Turunç area so we have provided a series of updates and continue to maintain the maps for the areas covered by our walks. If you spot any errors, do please let us know and we will correct the maps as soon as possible.

All of our routes are documented and recorded using accurate GPS devices. The route categories are subjective but even the 'strenuous' walks are day walks suitable for anyone reasonable fit.

Walks can be previewed online, downloaded as PDF documents, and downloaded in GPX and KML formats for use on smart phones or with Google Earth. Our downloads are compatible with many smart phone apps, many of which are free to download. Once downloaded you will be able to follow the route on your selected app and, depending on the app, even get turn by turn directions.

Walking in the Turunç area is possible at any time of year BUT not advisable at the height of summer - the temperatures may be above 40C and dehydration, sunstroke, and heatstroke are very real dangers. ALWAYS take plenty of water with you, whatever time of year you choose to walk as even in the spring and autumn, temperatures can be high. Winters can be wet but are rarely cold so a sunny winter's day can make for a perfect walk.


If you know of any walks in the Turunç area, please share them with us. A rough description is all that is needed. We will map all suitable walks and create the necessary GPS files and downloads. We would also welcome feedback on our walks and web site.



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