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The FREE Turunç Walks iPhone app is now available from the App Store.

Our iPhone app is FREE to download and allows you take your walks with you without incurring any roaming charges. Just search for TWalks in the App Store.

Route List

TWalks route overview screen.
The app always shows the latest list of walks. Selecting a walk from the list allows you to explore the full route details.

Route detail

TWalks route detail screen.
Route details are broken down into a number of sections starting with a route overview. To view the other sections just swipe left to move to the next section, or swipe right to move back.

Map view

TWalks map view screen.
Clicking the 'map' button at the bottom left of the route details screen takes you to the map view where you can navigate between waypoints on the map (or satellite or hybrid map view). Your actually position on the map is show as a pulsing blue circle. This uses the GPS (location services) feature of your phone and does not require an active internet/data connection and so does NOT incur any mobile phone charges.

Image zoom/pan

TWalks image zoom/pan view.
Tapping on any of the images or maps takes you to a zoom and pan screen where you can zoom in on, and pan around the image so you can see it in more detail.

iPad view

TWalks map view screen.
The TWalks app is written to be compatible with all sizes of iPhone and iPad. When the screen is large enough a split screen view is used.

Battery life!

Remember that some smartphones/devices have short battery life, particularly if you have GPS switched on all the time. Taking a PDF copy of the route as a backup, or even an electronic copy on someone else's device in your walking party, is always a good idea.

Using the app

The first time you use this app you need an active internet connection so the list of routes can be downloaded. Once downloaded the route list is saved in the app and will only be downloaded again if an updated version becomes available.

When a route is selected from the list the app will download the full route details and save them on your device - this requires an active internet connection.

Each time you then select a route the app will use the version saved on your device unless there is an updated version available. Updated versions are downloaded automatically when you have an internet connection.

If this is the first time you've selected a route there will be no saved version, and if there is no internet connection, the details of the route cannot be displayed.

Before going on a walk make sure you select that route at least once while you have an internet connection. Also access the map view and make sure the full route is visible in the map view. This will ensure the route is available on your device even without an internet connection.

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