Route 4 - Amos Mountain Track

Category: Moderate
Distance: 8.2 km
Time: 4.0 hours

A moderate, circular walk partly on paved roads and partly on a rough mountain track, leading to the ruins of the ancient city of Amos.

The ruins, thought to date back to around 200 B.C., are in surprisingly good condition, and are a must see for anyone visiting the area. The walk takes about four hours, although you should allow longer on a really hot day. The route uses a mountain track on the outgoing sections. The track is way marked and mostly very easy to follow but does include some sections over rough loose stone. To visit the ruins you again leave the road for a short distance but the path is in good condition and there are wooden steps to aid the climb to the ruins themselves. Alternatively you can take a rest and enjoy the views before embarking on the return to Turunç via the paved road. Amos dates to the Hellenistic era and now consists of an amphitheatre on the side of the hill, a temple and statue pedestals. Surrounded by ramparts dating back to the same time, this amphitheater is in good condition, including its seating area, side walls and stage with three chambers. Excavations in 1948 by Professor George Evards Bean revealed four inscriptions, which mentioned three rental contracts, thought to date from around 300 to 200 B.C.
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Amos Mountain Track
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The Ancient City of Amos

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1 - Mosque to Antik roundabout (550m)

The walk starts at the village Mosque in the middle of Turunç. From here, proceed south along the main street, cross over the canal bridge toward Palette Bar. Follow the road up a gentle hill to MyMeriç Hotel. Here keep right and continue following the road. Another road joins from the right and shortly after you pass the only Turunç petrol station on your right. A little further and you reach a large road junction - Antik Restaurant will be in front of you.

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Overview map
Section Image
Antik roundabout

2 - Antik roundabout to Villas (490m)

Turn left at the Antik roundabout, following the sign to Amos. After about 150m, as the road starts to climb, watch out for the turning on your right (37 Sokak leading to 39 Sokak) that is the start of the mountain track.

Keep to the left, ignoring tracks off to your right, and the track leads to the gate of some private villas. Go straight ahead, keeping the villa walls on your left. Follow the walls until the dirt track drops down into a little valley before heading up the mountain, turning to the left.

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Section 2 map
Section Image
Start of mountain track

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Ascend this track

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Villa gate

3 - Villas to Amos Profesörler Sitesi (1.74 km)

From the villas the track is reasonably easy to follow and is way marked with red and white paint on the rocks. The ascent is straightforward although care is required in a few places. Once on the top the route is easy, with a little caution required where the mountain drops down in places on your left.

Take a moment to take in the views back to Turunç village ...

... and out to the south.

The descent is steep in a few parts and, due to the loose rock, requires caution However the majority is a very pleasant walk. As you approach the road (you will see it on your left) you will follow a fence line on your right and then turn left to join the Turunç to Amos road.

On joining the road, turn right. A further 200m or so and, on a bend, you will pass the entrance to the Amos Profesörler Sitesi. Here you will find the famous Amos White Houses, at the top end of the site, and Amos Red Houses lower down. Formerly holiday homes from staff from Marmarar and Anadolu universities, they are now largely privately owned.

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Section 3 map
Section Image
Way marker

Section Image
View back to Turunç village

Section Image
View south across the bay

Section Image
Amos Profesörli Sitesi.

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Track to right of Villas

4 - Amos Profesörler Sitesi to Amos (1.9 km)

The road continues for around 500m until you reach the ancient city of Amos. There is plenty of interesting scenery, flora and fauna to keep your interest as you approach this fascinating historical site. There is a clear sign showning the entrance to the site.

At this point the track leaves the road but is clearly marked and recently refurbished with new signs and wooden step on the steeper parts. The ancient ruins are quite unique and well worth the effort.

It is about 220m to the summit - look out for the remnants of the City Walls on the way up. At the summit you can turn right to visit the Theatre or left to go to the 'panoramic view area.'

A visit to the Ancient Theatre is essential. The whole site has never been excavated and you can sit in the theatre and view the stage while soaking in the atmosphere; this is a completely unspoiled site.

From the Theatre walk a few meters to View Point 2 and you can enjoy spectacular views over Kumlubükü Bay.

400m from View Point 2 you will find the spectacular Amos view point. This has stunning views over the Amos Profesörler Sitesi to your left, the Mediterranean straight ahead, and Kumlubükü Bay to your right. Watch out for the variety of insect and plant life on your way. When you are ready, retrace your steps and return to the road for the return journey.

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Section 4 route
Section Image
Entrance to the Ancient City of Amos

Section Image
Path up to the Amos ruins

Section Image
City walls

Section Image
Theatre or View Point?

Section Image
The Ancient Theatre

Section Image
View over Kumlubükü Bay

Section Image
View from Amos view point

5 - Return via road (3.5 km)

When you get back to the road from the Amos ruins, turn right. The return to Turunç follows the road all the way back to the village centre, although you can rejoin the mountain track if you prefer.

Approximately 200m after passing the Amos Profesörler Sitesi, on a bend, you will see the start of the mountain track on your left. You can turn left here and retrace the mountain track or continue on the road to make the return more interesting.

Continuing on the road for another 600m and you will pass the Turunç Sewerage Works set down towards the sea on your right - you probably won't want to linger here on a hot day!

From View Point 1 the road meanders downhill, passing the large Turunç Hotel on your right, emerging at the Antik roundabout where you turn right.

Passing the petrol station on your left, keep right at the Yunus (Dolphin) Restaurant and at the My Meriç Hotel keep left onto the main street leading you back to the village Mosque and the end of your walk.

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Section 5 map
Section Image
View Point 1

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